About Us

Tracey Treadway

"I have always loved to travel and experience other cultures.  On many of my journeys, I would come across beautiful original artisan made goods.  I was always attracted especially to jewelry as I, myself, make handmade gemstone jewelry.  However, I began to notice more and more beautiful artisan pieces outside the jewelry realm.  Along the way, I also had the pleasure to get to know some of the talented designers and artists who made beautiful handbags and apparel.  I learned about and loved the idea that the talent of these artisans supports entire communities and that many of these techniques are passed from generation to generation to insure the art forms endure.

Shapes, figures and patterns of the regions are incorporated  into the fabrics and embroidery making the products colorful, unique and meaningful.  Seeing the beautiful fabrics, colors and motifs applied to handbags and other pieces inspired us to bring them here to share with a new audience.  We hope you enjoy these beautiful expressions of culture as much as we enjoy bringing them to you!

The products we choose to import support indigenous communities in several regions of South America.  These regions include Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia.  The Associations formed by these talented individuals produce some of the finest loomed fabrics, machine and hand embroidered products in South America.

We also work with talented designers and manufacturers of apparel who also utilize local talent and textiles in various regions to produce their designs.  

We are proud to have these alliances that allow us to bring these beautiful artisan products to you!"

Irma Luz Ovalle De La Barrera

"As an actress, I have always received inspiration from art and the creative process; the incredible experience starting with the dream and imagination, then visualization and finally achieving that wonderful result that starts with the word “Action”!  It always thrilled me!  As I followed my passion, it led to the world of television.

As a TV Host in my home country of Colombia, my reporting consisted of visiting small, difficult to reach communities with very limited prospects for development.  I discussed their history, their unique culture and told the story of the people there.  One word was a common thread among all of these small communities; Artesania, or Craft.  They all have amazing abilities to create fabrics and products by hand that are a true artform.  Each piece is reflective of their culture, their ancestors and their unique history.   This experience showed me how rich the country is in tradition, history, culture and people.  

We created ARTISANA to honor these artisans whose skills have been taught for generations.  The art of these wonderful women provides for their communities, gives them the power to express themselves, maintains their culture and honors their ancestors to keep their truth alive.

I fell in love with every product and design.  Each product is a piece of art made with pride and love and incorporates their heritage.

It is my honor, and I believe part of my higher purpose, to bring these beautiful and meaningful creations to you!"

Our Values

High Quality Products

To source the highest quality original artisan products from across the world with primary emphasis in Latin America.

Support Artisans

To support talented artisans who use the finest quality materials to produce original products that support their families and communities.

Giving Back

To “Give Back” a portion of our profits to charities and organizations helping those who are in need, those who are sick and all our sweet furry friends.

Fair Compensation

To buy services and products where artisans are appreciated through fair compensation so their families and quality of life are protected (or supported).